Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Spent a while going through all the footage I got this summer and put it into a film that attempts to document the essence of my experience this summer. Enjoy!

The River and Life on the Road from Bobby Voit on Vimeo.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Adventure

As the summer ends so does my time living on the road. Before settling down I went on one last adventure. I was fortunate to get to spend time in wild places tucked away in Idaho, Utah, and Northern California. I experienced a feeling of remoteness like no other as I traveled to far away trail-heads before spending nights in the snowy wilderness of Idaho and Utah.

The night I spent in the mountains of Utah was a hard one. On this mission, I hiked alone through valleys and up mountains in search of the beautiful lakeside where I would sleep. When you’re alone in the wilderness you must be alert to every change in condition. The moment I got to my camp spot it began to rain and I knew I was in for a long night. The storm beat down on the mountains with howling wind and frigid rain. I cycled in and out of sleep through the night as most of my gear became soaking wet due to the puddle accumulating in my tent. Through the fear and discomfort, I remained calm as I knew inner resistance wouldn’t help me. In the morning the rain had stopped and instead was replaced with six inches of snow. I made the decision to play it safe and leave the mountain early to avoid the threat of hypothermia. On my descent of the mountain I witness an ecosystem awaking from the storm. Bird calls echoed off the mountain walls, surprised deer sprung from their hiding places, and small mammal prints covered the freshly fallen snow. I was at peace within this beautiful valley and felt reluctant to leave. 

In California I met up with friends from the summer for the best river festival on the west coast. Hundreds of people congregate from all over the west for Feather Fest to enjoy a weekend of camping, kayaking, and lifestyling. Enjoying the river with friends from each part of my trip was the perfect way to conclude my travels.

Time moves forward and things change. The beauty of time lies in its finite nature. My trip is over and now I start my new challenge of settling down to city life in the pacific northwest. The summer has had an incredible impact on the way I view the world. The world isn’t as segregated as we think it is. It isn’t as hard to break your routine and venture into the unknown as we think it is. Everything is interconnected and if you’re open to new experiences the world itself will be your guide as it reveals the treasures it has to offer. As I reintegrate into society I won’t forget what I have learned. I’ll use this summer as a guide for my life as I move forwards. This won’t be my last adventure.