Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I set out on this trip to become a man. Becoming a man is no easy task, many never fully realize their manhood. In our world of conflicting societal pressures and natural instincts, the process of masculinity is vague and complicated. One must define their own view of man or become a pawn of a system conspiring to produce a manageable population. The only one that can empower an individual is one’s self, so that is what I choose to do.

            What makes a man? Purpose. Strength. Energy. Discipline. Confidence. Intellect. Pride. These are words that everyone knows. Until one experiences the true meaning of each of these words, they are ultimately meaningless. I can’t claim I know the full meaning of these concepts, but I know that I’m trying.

               Purpose is the most important. A man’s purpose is his compass guiding him towards the goals he hopes to achieve. Without a purpose a man is lost. Everyone has potential to build their own purpose. Once one’s purpose can be vocalized it can be acted upon. Through my travels I have confirmed what is important to me. At this point in time this is my purpose:

               Learn the nature of this world to provide for myself, follow my own path, and share my knowledge to better others. Ultimately give more to the world than I take. Get the maximum experience from living this short time on earth and connect with those I meet along the way. Challenge myself every day. Continue to learn and grow constantly; stagnation and submission to temptation are the enemy. Be a leader rather than a follower. Develop meaningful relationships. Support my family and loved ones. Give back to those who’ve supported me. Stay open, kind, honest, and positive.

               This is what I will strive for. I’ll go with the flow of life and adapt to my surroundings. I’ll take risks while being aware of the stakes. I’ll slip up and I’ll correct my faults. Excellence is won by training and habituation.

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